ResponseHRM® Human Resource Management

Human resources are considered the most valuable asset of any organization. These resources need to be well managed at all levels to maximize their performance and achieve organizational goals.

ResponseHRM® is a human resource management solution that is feature-rich, intuitive and provides an essential HR management platform that consists of three main components: Personnel Information (Employee File) Management, Leave Management, and Time & Attendance Management, providing you with a user friendly, and robust solution.

Personnel Information Management is a tool that provides smooth, centralized access to employee records (Employee file) including academic certificates, past work experience, educational details, contract start/end dates, pay grades, and salary. Identify reporting structure through. Dynamic organogram enables definition of employee supervisors and approval levels. Reports can be generated easily using a variety of filters and selection criteria. Effective storage and utilization of employee records is a fundamental HR task and this tool helps reduce costs and increase productivity. Personal information management sends email notifications of important dates such as one month before end of employee contract, or one week before performance evaluation date.

The Leave/Time off Management tool processes employee leave requests with ease. This highly flexible tool integrates calendaring and organizational leave policies and approval levels to support and monitor employee leaves and time off. This tool handles employee requests for leave and vacation seamlessly by allowing employees to apply online for leave from the mobile App, and sends out automatic E-mail notifications to supervisors to approve or reject leave using the same mobile App utilizing the dynamic organogram. Define leave types relevant to the organization information on leave entitlement, leave time, balance, history, paid time-of, and days-off.

Time & Attendance Management enables the capture and review of employee attendance and timesheet data with efficiency and ease. View or create reports from information manually input or registered and uploaded from the mobile App GPS locator or from a biometric device (fingerprint). Strengthen HR strategic decision-making and reduce employee downtime with this flexible attendance management tool. Automate timekeeping related processes. This feature-rich tool efficiently organizes labor data‚ improves workforce management and helps minimize attendance policy errors.

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